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Travel Packages Surabaya Bromo Ijen Crater Indonesia 3Days
Travel Packages Surabaya Bromo Ijen Crater Indonesia 3Days

Travel Packages Surabaya Bromo Ijen Crater Indonesia 3Days - Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package is a tour package which is a mainstay tour in East Java. To visit the two tourist attractions it takes 3 days 2 nights duration. Therefore we made a tour package with a duration of 3 days 2 nights. The main destinations are Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater which are the main destinations for local and foreign tourists.

Travel To Bromo Ijen Crater 3 Days

Mount Bromo has a natural panorama that is so amazing compared to other mountains. The natural beauty that is still well preserved makes this tourist destination famous all over the world. The attraction that makes Mount Bromo famous all over the world is when the sun rises (sunrise). Where the view at sunrise will not be found anywhere else.

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Besides that, Mount Bromo has a very amazing view when you climb to the top of Bromo with a view of an active volcanic crater. You don't need hours to reach the top, just walk about 1 kilometer from the jeep parking area. Uniquely when touring in Bromo, you will use a tourist vehicle, namely the Bromo jeep.

Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo tour activities using the Bromo jeep are divided into 2, namely 2 locations and 4 locations. For the 2 spot locations visited, namely Pananjakan hill to enjoy the sunrise (sunrise) and Bromo Crater. And for 4 locations, namely, Pananjakan Hill, Bromo Crater, Teletubbies Hill or Savannah and Whispering Sand.

Ijen Ctater Banyuwangi East Java Indonesia

Ijen Crater is an active mountain with the beauty of a green Tosca crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen. This tourist destination is known as Ijen Crater because the main attraction is a crater that has water so it looks like a lake. The surfur content is high so that the water in the crater becomes turquoise green.

In addition, Ijen crater has another attraction, namely blue fire or better known as blue fire. Many foreign tourists flock to this place to see the blue fire view. There are only 2 blue fire phenomena in the world and one of them is in Ijen Crater. To be able to see the blue fire, the climb will be done in the early hours of 2 am because the blue fire can be seen when it is still dark (2 to 4 am). After that you can see the view of the green crater lake as well as to see the activities of local residents mining sulfur.

Itinerary Trip To Bromo Ijen Crater 3 Days 

Day 1: Surabaya - Camping at the peak of Pananjakan for Milky Way 

  • Mount Bromo Tour with Camping starts from Surabaya or Malang Airport. Mitra Bromo Java Travel will pick you up with AC transportation, then take you to the rest area of ​​Mount Bromo for a 3.5 hour drive including stopping on the road for lunch or taking pictures.
  • After arriving at the Mount Bromo area, visit the camp at the top of Pananjakan for 30 minutes by 4WD jeep. then stay 1 night camping while enjoying the situation.
  • 09.00 PM, you will start Galaxy Photography or Twinkles with free time until finished at 05.00 WIB (You can set your camera to suit the Milky Way Mount Bromo tour, So you can get good pictures for Milky Way Photography).

Day 02 : Bromo Milky Way Photography Tour by camp - Sunrise - Hotel in Ijen Crater

  • Finish enjoying photography of Bromo Milky Way Tour, Continue taking pictures for Bromo Sunrise at 05.20 AM and other views for Sea of ​​Sand, Mount Batok, Mount Semeru (highest volcano on Java Island) until the finish at 06.30 AM.
  • Return to the Jeep and visit Mount Bromo Crater by stopping at the Sand Sea then trekking for 30 minutes or using horse transportation for 15 minutes.
  • After enjoying the Bromo crater, proceed to restaurants around Mount Bromo, have breakfast, take a shower and continue to the hotel around Ijen crater for 6 hours. Arrive at your hotel, check in and stay 1 night.

Day 03 : Ijen Blue Fire Crater Tour – Airport / Hotel Surabaya

  • 23.00 WIB, Wake up to prepare, Start visiting Paltuding Ijen Crater tour blue fire for 2 hours by car or van.
  • Reach Ijen Paltuding (rest place in Ijen), Start climbing towards the edge of Ijen volcano for 2 Hours accompanied by a local guide. Get on the edge of Ijen Crater, Trekking down for 45 minutes to the bottom of Ijen Crater (Ijen Crater Blue Fire location).
  • Enjoy the Blue fire of Ijen Crater until the finish, and return to the top of Ijen at 05.30 AM (Blue Fire Appearance finishes at 05.30 AM).
  • After reaching the top of Ijen Crater, enjoy the stunning views of the Ijen volcano scene such as Asam Hijau Lake, sulfur mines loading sulfur and the rim of the huge Ijen volcano to the end
  • Back to rest area for 2 hours then back to hotel for breakfast, shower and relax.
  • 12.00, Check out, and Comeback to Surabaya or Malang for 7 hours, maybe proceed to Banyuwangi Harbor, then Finished for Bromo Ijen tour Package

Facilities Mount Bromo Ijen Crater 3 days Include:

  • English speaking local driver
  • Air-conditioned private transportation
  • Transportation fuel, and parking fees
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Bromo Milky Way, Sunrise and Crater
  • Mineral drinks along the Bromo Ijen Crater trip
  • Bromo and Ijen Crater Entrance Ticket
  • Ijen Crater Blue Fire includes a local guide to look after your hike
  • 1 Night Camping at Bromo including small and large tents, sleeping bag, mattress, hot drink for tea or coffee, bonfire to warm the body, Breakfast after Camping at Mount Bromo
  • 1 Night Accommodation and Breakfast in Ijen Crater area
  • Travel responsibilities
Before you start the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package, Hope you prepare complete equipment such as jackets, gloves, hats, trousers, trekking shoes and trekking poles, Because the condition of this volcano has a slightly steep route with temperatures around 03 - 05 degrees Celsius. For more detailed information about Mount Bromo tour packages with camping, accommodation and other travel facilities, you can visit our booking form.
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