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Tour Packages Surabaya Bromo Banyuwangi 3Days 2Nights
Tour Packages Surabaya Bromo Banyuwangi 3Days 2Nights

Tour Packages Surabaya Bromo Banyuwangi 3Days 2Nights - Vacation destinations and tour packages for the Surabaya - Bromo and Banyuwangi trip back to Surabaya for 3 days; Madakaripura Waterfall Tour (optional trip), Mount Bromo Tour, Bromo Savana Tour / Teletabis Hill (optional trip), White Sand Beach Tour and Optional tour - Banyuwangi tour

Mount Bromo Tour Banyuwangi 3Days

Day 1: Trip from Surabaya to Bromo * Pick up in Surabaya area * Pick up in the Surabaya area is better in the morning so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the morning trip from

  • Surabaya to Mount Bromo and you will also have more time to rest in accommodation around Mount Bromo. Trips or Travel Tours from Surabaya to accommodation at Mount Bromo via Probolinggo will take approximately 3-4 hours of travel/drive (depending on road conditions and situations, check the info,,). And if you still have time with pretty good weather, you will have the opportunity to take an optional trip to Madakaripura Waterfall for an additional fee
  • Arriving at the hotel / inn or accommodation in the Mount Bromo area (according to your reservation / choice), we will do the check-in process, rest and spend the night (stay)


Day 2: Bromo Tour - to Banyuwangi

  • 03.00-04.30: Wake up at dawn and take a jeep to reach the sunrise spot in the Bromo area or enjoy a Bromo sunrise tour, where you can choose one of the famous places to see the sunrise in Bromo, such as: Mount Pananjakan or Mount Penanjakan, hill Kingkong or Kingkong Hill and Bromo Love Hill or Bromo Love Hill
  • 04.30-08.00: Take a moment to enjoy coffee, then watch the sun rise at the place of your choice. After enjoying the sunrise tour of Bromo, we will drive by jeep to the next destination on the slopes of Mount Bromo which is a parking lot. Arriving at the sea of ​​​​sand parking lot, we cross the sea of ​​​​sand on foot or by horse (optional for those of you with a distance of 10 minutes on foot / one way) to reach the lowest area of ​​​​Bromo where there are more than 250 stairs that will lead you to reach the top of Mount Bromo. Take a break and take pictures at the top of Mount Bromo with a stunning view of Bromo Crater which at the bottom lies a sea of ​​​​sand or is famous for its whispering sand and is bordered by other mountains as its natural background.

Note: The climb to the top of Mount Bromo depends on the weather situation and regulations from the local government, because currently there are rules limiting the number of visitors to the top of Bromo due to Covid-19

  • 08.00-10.00: Return to your hotel or inn in the Bromo area by taking the same route as you did to reach the top of Mount Bromo. Arriving at your hotel, please enjoy your breakfast; take a shower and get ready to leave Mount Bromo to reach your next destination in the Banyuwangi area
  • 10.00 - 17.00 : Leave Mount Bromo area to reach your accommodation or hotel in Banyuwangi area for 5-7 hours driving (depending on traffic situation).

>> Optional tour program during Bromo tour package : You may be able to enjoy optional program, such as : Bromo Savana tour (Teletabis Hill) with additional cost, read here,,

Day 3: Optional Tour Banyuwangi - Surabaya

  • Today, before continuing the journey from Banyuwangi back to the city of Surabaya, you will do one of the Banyuwangi trip tour packages that are included in the price of your tour package and please choose one of the Banyuwangi tourist destinations below:
  • Ijen Crater Nature Tour
  • Baluran national park tour
  • Jagir waterfall

* And today after doing one of the Banyuwangi tour packages above according to your choice, then leaving the inn or hotel in Banyuwangi to check-out from Banyuwangi to continue the journey back to the Surabaya area for approximately 7-9 hours driving, and the trip is complete.

Tour prices Bromo Banyuwangi include:

~ AC transportation with driver + Fuel ~ Attraction tickets, parking + mineral water ~ Toll road tickets according to the trip program route ~ Driving a jeep for Bromo tour activities ~ Tour Guide (depending on your reservation)

Tour Prices Not  include:

~ Your vacation travel insurance ~ Hotels in Bromo ~ Hotels in Banyuwangi ~ Optional tour program during the package trip ~ Expenses for other personal needs

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