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Surabaya Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Easily and Cheaply
Surabaya Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Easily and Cheaply

Surabaya Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Easily and Cheaply - Cheap Bromo Sunrise Tour Packages from Malang & Surabaya 2021 bromo sunrise Bromo sunrise tour package is a program that aims to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from the top of Mount Bromo. We also provide tour trips to Bromo from Surabaya and Malang.

Holidays to Bromo have become one of the favorites of local and foreign tourists. We give a little description of Mount Bromo, this mountain is one of the active volcanoes in East Java province which is still included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Area.

This mountain was contested by several cities in East Java because he directly visited several cities such as Malang Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Lumajang Regencies.

Bromo Sunrise Tour Package

The inhabitants of Mount Bromo are the Tengger Tribe, who are predominantly Hindu, and make this mountain a sacred place. The most famous religious ceremony here is the Kasada Ceremony which is commemorated once a year.

Also called Yadya Kasada Day, it is an offering to Sang Hyang Widhi which is done by inserting some food or livestock products into the crater of Mount Bromo.

This ceremony not only visits Hindus but tourists from various religions also come to witness the sacredness of this ceremony. So don't be surprised when this ceremony takes place, the very large Bromo area becomes a sea of ​​people and all hotels must be fullbooked.

Travel To Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tour Package From Abdurahman Saleh Airport, Malang, this mountain is approximately 60 km with a travel time of more than 2 hours. Meanwhile, from Juanda Airport it is approximately 109 km with a travel time of approximately 3 hours.

The journey itself can be achieved by using a private car or traveling to the jeep / hartop transfer point. Why only up to a certain point? Because to get closer and enter Mount Bromo we have to use a jeep or hartop provided by the local Mount Bromo community.

We recommend the trip through the entrance to the city of Pasuruan, namely the jeep change point in Tosari or Wonokitri. Because in our opinion road access to this area is relatively better and easier than other routes.

Some Tourist Spots in Bromo

One spot that must be visited is where we can see the beauty of the sunrise, namely Penanjakan Peak, Kingkong Hill or Cinta Hill.

We can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise panorama from this area, and certainly can take selfies with the sunrise background or Mount Bromo itself.

The next spot that must be visited is Savana Hill or better known as Teletubies Hill. Here you are presented with a stretch of green grass that stretches, and is almost similar to the hill in the Teletubies television show.

Whispering sand, from its name many questions arise, can the sand make a sound or whisper? Not like that, this place is a stretch of a caldera of sand caused by the eruption of Mount Bromo. This place is also the shooting location for the movie in the past, entitled “Whispering Sand”, which is why this place has the same name.

And one more thing that must be visited is Bromo Crater, but the journey to the crater is not easy because you have to pass quite high stairs, which are 250 steps with a distance of approximately 2 km with a 45 degree slope.

In this place you can also see the poten temple which is a sacred place for the Tengger Tribe, besides that in front of Mount Bromo there is also Mount Batok which is also very good for selfies. Relax in this place you can also use a horse rental to get from one point to another.

Travel to Bromo, don’t forget to prepare:

Although the journey is relatively easy, there is a lot that needs to be prepared when traveling to this mountain.

  • Jacket, the temperature here is relatively cold, especially during the dry season.
  • Mask, to protect your breathing from sand and dust.
  • Gloves and socks, apart from protecting from the cold, also serve to keep hands and feet clean.
  • Personal medicine, if needed.
  • Next is a cellphone or camera as a facility to capture activities while on Mount Bromo.
  • Points 1-3 must be brought, but if not below, you can rent or buy in the Bromo area.

Bromo Sunrise Tour Packages From Surabaya 

We offer this package with 2 kinds, namely the midnight package and the overnight package. Following are the programs, facilities, and prices for Mount Bromo Sunrise tours:

Mount Bromo Tour Itinerary:

  • Pick up from Malang or Batu Tourism City at 00.00
  • The journey to the jeep transfer point
  • Arrived at the point at approximately 03.00
  • Prepare and relax for a while (toilet, coffee, etc.)
  • Start by jeep to Penanjakan
  • Stay and hunting sunrise from 04.00 to 06.00
  • Estimated sunrise at 05.15
  • After sunrise back to the jeep and the journey continues to Whispering Sand and Savana Hill.
  • After being satisfied and taking selfies in these 2 areas, continue the journey to Bromo Crater
  • Tour in the crater area approximately until 09.00
  • Return to the jeep to continue the journey to the parking area or the original point.
  • Take a short break and continue the journey to Malang or Batu.
  • Arrive at the early pick up at 13.00 Program ends.

Bromo Sunrise Tour Facilities:

  • Pick up car in Malang according to the number of participants
  • Already include fuel and experienced drivers
  • Jeep or hartop at Bromo (maximum capacity per jeep 6 people, 1-6 participants 1 jeep, 7-12 participants 2
  • jeeps, 13-15 participants 3 jeeps)
  • Tourist spots in Bromo: Penanjakan, Savana Hill, Whispering Sand, Bromo Crater
  • Snack and mineral water
  • Mount Bromo entrance ticket
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